Definition: an applied science that studies the characteristics of people that need to be considered in designing the tools they use and interact with to insure that they work in a productive, safe and efficient manner.

Often referred to as human engineering or human factors engineering, the relationship between man and his machines is extremely important to the productivity and safety of each individual, not to mention the liability placed on their employers for work related injuries. In times past, the workspace was designed for the average person but the new norm is to design with enough versatility to meet the needs of most individuals. In order to do so, a study of the environment is a major factor in the design. Call centers operators have different needs than dispatchers and security monitoring is totally different from the needs of people doing data entry. It’s obvious that manufacturers can’t design something special for each worker so designing in as much flexibility as possible is most important.

I will be doing a number of articles around human factor engineering. The articles will address major considerations for specific applications.Split-level Dispatch Console