Sit to Stand Adjustability

In many environments, it is important to be able to stand up a number of times during the course of the day to relieve stress created when sitting in the same position for long periods of time. Typically applications would be call takers, telemarketers and critical response environments. Americon has a number of Sit/Stand solutions to address the issue. For this blog, we will look at a product that has been developed for dispatcher centers where it is important for operators to quickly go from sit to stand without losing focus on their tasks.

Split-level---4-MonitorOur Split-level workstations are robust and full-bodied and do not have the typical metal legs designed into the typical table style systems. The all-inclusive base houses lifting motors, hardware, a segregated power/data cable management system and even CPUs. Access to the base cavity is provided through front and rear hinge doors. Monitor and power cables pass between the levels through metal shafts that protect and hide them from view. The console is freestanding and finished completely front and rear.

A number of styles of continuous slatwalls are available that mounts monitor arms, task lights, phone mounts, storage trays and other accessories. Unlike furniture systems that rely on cubicle style stationary floor panels, the Americon slatwall is attached to the rear work surface providing noise suppression even in the standing position. Each surface moves independently and there is plenty of room on the rear surface for monitors on stands when workstation is ordered without a slatwall.

Sit/stand levels are controlled through a programmable memory panel that allows each user to define ergonomically comfortable height combinations to fit individual needs. A total of three memorized scenarios are available to each user. All power and peripherals cables are  positively secured inside the base cavity to facilitate a superior cable management system. Unlike table systems, there are no exposed cables in either the sit or stand position. Split-level consoles are available in straight, concentric arc and cockpit style configurations. The freestanding base is expandable by adding stationary modules like CPU storage cabinets, drawer pedestals, electronic enclosures and additional lengths of stationary work surface on either side to increase the work area.