The Perception of Value

One of the most important factors in creating a productive workplace is promoting self-worth. We normally associate importance with good pay and good benefits. The idea of good morale sometimes gets lost in a quest to increase the bottom line. One of the best ways of promoting good moral is to create an environment that says to the employee that he or she has value. So, how do we accomplish it? The room décor and furnishings are the best way to show value. Spending money for wall coverings, carpeting, lighting and noise abatement generally aid in creating the perception of importance and that equates to better productivity. There is nothing worse than putting people in a bull pen environment with very few amenities. That says to the employee that he or she can be replace at a moment’s notice and that their replacement will be up to speed in a very short period of time. Too many times, we have seen workers living on the bare necessities as part of their job description.

Let’s face it. A call-taker’s tools are a computer and a phone and probably can work on nothing more than a simple table. Whether it be a Dispatch Center, 911 Emergency Management Center, Call Center or Modular Office, Americon has always gone the extra mile to create the finest quality products that separate us from our competitors. Call_Center-2

For over three decades, we have converted machine rooms into the “Starship Enterprise”. Our model has always been to manufacture Cadillacs, not Pintos which shows in every one of our products.

For those companies that understand the importance of creating environments that promote self-worth, self-esteem and teaming, we are the choice because of our designs, attention to detail, individual adjustability and durability. Our use of the finest quality materials and a wide range of creature comforts enhance the work experience for the user. The result is a better workplace and tells the employee that his or her contributions are important. Since 50% of the workers waking hours are spent in the workplace, it is extremely important to provide a real home away from home.

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